Fast Food Prints is a moblie screenprinting service, Specializing in T-shirts and posters (or whatever other material suits your needs). We bring a highly unique experience to your community, educational, or music and arts event.  Our services provide live, demonstrative screenprinting using designs made by either you or prepared by us, creating one of a kind screen prints on t-shirts or posters.


Interacting with people is important to us. Its the one element of FFP that we rely on. Here at FFP, we can craft a space and event around your community needs, concerns, or just plain ole’ for fun.

Participants trained to print for The Art Departments Kickstarter Campaign



Screenprinting can be a great experience to bring into the classroom. The process encompasses hands on, didactic learning for the visual thinker. Through the Fast Food Prints model, we can work with students to craft a project that they can bring to the public and their communities.

prints from The Telling Room's "Big Night" by FFP crew


Last minute scheduling for your local music or arts festival? Gallery opening or debut of your new album? Fast Food Prints is a great way to supplement your important events by allowing us to craft an event that is customized to your needs.

Interest in hosting an event or project?                    


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